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Here for your growth

What is Badges?

Badges is a mentoring program that utilizes First Responders (Nurses, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Child Protection Workers) as mentors for children. Mentors act as role models, support academic progress, help increase self-esteem, boost mental health, assist in building social skills and so much more. Each child is different and here at LES, we recognize that they each have their own individual needs. We seek to meet the goals that have been set by the family, the kids, and other peers that may be involved.

​ Cost = $60.00 per hour. 

Interested in getting a badges mentor?

Every kid is different and therefore needs help with different things. Our mentors work to instill the confidence needed for growth. No matter the issue, there is help. 

Our mentors help problem solve, communicate, instill confidence, and set kids up for success!
No job is too big here at L.E.S 

Our Mentors are: 

Confidence Builders
Relationship Enhancers
Active Listeners
Role Models
Goal Setters

Interested In becoming a
badges mentor?

There are kids that need your help! Every kid has the potential to change the world and we must invest in our youth. Help to create positive change in your community one life at a time. Be the supportive role model that a child needs. We have helped hundreds of kids so far and we look to continue doing so. 


Feel the amazing benefits of this position. Get in contact with us to learn how you could take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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