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Path to overcoming substance use

Substance Use Support 

Recognizing and addressing substance use is a crucial step on the path to mental well-being. At Life Enrichment Services, we understand the complexities of addiction and offer comprehensive substance abuse services to empower your journey towards wholeness. Our confidential, compassionate support extends beyond mere testing, providing you with support down your path. 



Discover the power of recovery coaching support! Our certified recovery coaches offer invaluable guidance and assistance in addressing substance use disorder. By building essential skills, addressing specific needs, and fostering social connectedness, they play a pivotal role in early recovery. With a focus on "keeping recovery first," our programs meet individuals and their families where they are in their journey, leading them toward positive social environments and sustainable wellness.

$100 per hour at a minimum of 25 hours per month.

Our Substance Use Evaluation program provides comprehensive assessments for adults and adolescents, who are struggling with substance use/abuse. An evaluation involves a thorough review of the client's medical history, substance use history, bio-psycho-social factors, and any cooccurring mental health concerns. Through use of ASAM criteria, interviews, and standardized screening tools, information is gathered to determine the severity of substance use, including frequency, duration, and specific substances involved.


$300 per evaluation including rapid non-observed drug screening OR $350 per evaluation including an observed drug screening.





DOT & Non-regulated Specimen Options:

  • Unobserved Rapid Urine Screen $50

  • Observed Rapid Urine Screen $90

  • Observed Urine with Lab Confirmation $125

  • Hair Follicle with Lab Confirmation $175

  • Combo Observed Urine & Hair Follicle with Lab Confirmation $250

Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction.

Whether you're seeking self-evaluation, court-mandated testing, or a pre-employment screen, Life Enrichment stands with you. We believe in creating a safe space for vulnerability and growth, and our drug screening services pave the way for a brighter future. 

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