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Non-Medicaid and Customizable

Services and programs are primarily FAPT (Family Assessment and Planning Team) funding or private pay. 

There is something for everyone. We are glad that you are here and we are here to help!

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Tailored for you. 

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Badges Mentoring

Badges is a mentoring program that utilizes First Responders as mentors for children. Mentors act as role models, support academic progress, help increase self-esteem, and assist in building social skills.

Cost = $60.00 per hour. 


Comprehensive Treatment Services (Child/Parent/Family)

Comprehensive services for the child, parent, or family. Intensive case management and crisis stabilization (24/7 on-call). These programs are necessary for children, parents, and families in reducing risk factors while enhancing protective factors. Please see a separate memo with the extensive list of services provided under this program.

Cost = $100.00 per hour. 

Families In transition

4 Hour Co-parenting class. 

Cost = $40

Co-Parenting Counseling. 

Cost = $1000.00 Retainer ($500 per parent)

$150 per hour thereafter ($75.00 per parent)     


Co-Parenting Assessment

Cost = $1000.00 Retainer ($500 per parent) $150 per hour thereafter ($75.00 per parent) 

Reunification Therapy: 

Cost = $150 per hour  

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Family Study

A complete family study will be written for the referring agency with recommendations of further services needed. The family study will include the social history of each member including educational status, truancy, trauma, physical and mental health, housing, family dynamics, routines, natural supports, strengths, needs, economies, etc. Psychometric testing is utilized to determine a family's level of stress, risk of abuse or neglect, child abuse potential, parenting stress, psychological characteristics relevant to mental and physical health, parenting, and child-rearing attitudes. The study takes up to 60 days depending on the scheduling and levels of cooperation.

Cost = $1,600.00 per study. ​

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Independent Living 

Mental Health Skill Building, Peer support, & Independent Living skills are all taught in this program. For older teens, young adults, and adults. This program provides assistance in strengthening daily living skills, social and emotional support, motivation, linkage to necessary services, and focus on productive and healthy choices. 

Cost = $100.00 per hour. 


Supervised Visitation

A positive and relaxed home environment provided for both therapeutic supervised visitation and regular supervised visitation. With the therapeutic option, a parent education/support component is provided before, during, and after each visit.

Cost = $50.00 to $100.00 per hour. (Based on Income)

Trauma Healing and Education 

Group or individual programs are offered. Parents, grandparents, foster parents, or all other family members may be a part of this service. This program is designed to educate all family members on how trauma affects the brain, individual & family development, behaviors, and overall mental health.

Cost = $100.00 per hour.


VIEW Budgeting

The client will create a Budget Binder that will address income, debt, monthly expenses, financial goals, etc. This program is designed to educate clients on impulse purchases, self-sabotaging financial behaviors, and the consequences of how personal finances are affected.

Cost = $60.00 per hour. 

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