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 Alternative Behavior Choices (Batterers Intervention Group):

 A group designed to look at the nature of violence, emotional management, gender roles, socialization, power and control, the impact of domestic violence on children, and communication and conflict resolution skills. This curriculum is appropriate for both voluntary and court-mandated individuals.  Sixteen/90-minute sessions.
​Cost = $640.00.

Anger Management Group for Adults, Children, Teens, Couples, and Families:

Anger Management Group for Adults, Children, Teens, Couples, and Families:
Groups or Individual programs. Participants look at the history of their anger and examine their anger intensity and triggers, all while learning healthy emotional regulation, expression, and acceptance.  Sixteen/90minute sessions. 
Cost = $640.00.

Choices Group

(Teen Substance Education):

A group designed for substance abuse education, motivation, skill development, achieving abstinence, maintaining abstinence, changing destructive thought patterns, and managing emotions.  Available for both adults and youth. Drug testing is available. Seven/90-minute sessions.  One random drug test is included in the cost.
​Cost = $300.00.

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Circle of Security

(Parenting and attachment group):

Circle of Security is an early intervention program for parents. This parenting program is focused on the relationship between parent and child (not the behaviors), the child’s needs, and the caregiver's state of mind. Enhanced attachment + parental emotional regulation + secure base = improved behaviors. COS is an Evidenced-Based /Evidenced Informed Program. Each participant/child is videotaped for personalized assessment and learning (the video is destroyed after the program is complete). Toys and supplies are provided and kept by each participant. Ten/2-hour sessions.
​Cost = $1000.00 for all 10 sessions.

Hope For Tomorrow Group 

This is an 8 week program for juveniles and their parents that will focus on helping families understand and cope with difficulties that they are faced with day in and day out. The topics of discussion will be: Juveniles and the Law, Smartphone abuse and misuse, mental health and suicide, truancy, creating goals and healthy relationships, and substance abuse.
​Cost $320.00 per family​.

(This will be $120.00 deposited upfront and then $40.00 per session for Sessions 4-8.) 

Nurturing Parenting for Parents in Substance Abuse Treatment/Recovery:

Group program. Focuses on how parental substance abuse affects families, parenting, and the parent/child relationship. Attachment, grief, parental unavailability, etc. are starting points for parents to begin reestablishing connections with their
children.  Twelve/90-minute sessions.
​Cost = $480.00

Fatherhood Group:

Group program. For in-the-home, separated, and/or incarcerated fathers.  Using the 24/7 Dad and Inside-Out curriculums, we
provide education and support for all types of fathers.  Twelve/90-minute sessions. 
​Cost = $480.00.

Responsibility Group:

Groups designed for probationers, both youth and adults, offer help in breaking the cycle of criminal activity and taking responsibility for one’s actions.  Substance abuse and anger management components are incorporated.  Twelve/90-minute sessions. 
​Cost = $480.00.

Teen Group with Equine

Therapy included:

An intensive treatment life skills and coaching program that offers an interactive curriculum designed to increase positive
self-worth, personal empowerment, self-discipline, empathy, healthy relationships, and resilient protective behaviors.  Five
equine sessions are included. Sixteen/90 minute sessions. 
​Cost = $800.00

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