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Mental Health and Substance abuse assessments may be combined if necessary. (Total $700.00)

Mental Health

Provided for both adults and children. Provides a comprehensive picture of an individual’s current and historical mental health functioning. Also, assessed is the individual’s personal, emotional, social, environmental, behavioral, and work/school history.  Clarity of thoughts, mental reasoning, and day-to-day symptoms are assessed. A preliminary diagnosis and recommendations
​are provided.

Cost = $500.00.

Substance Abuse  Assessment 

Provided for both adults and children.  Offers a series of evidence-based assessment tools that determine the level of usage and the
impact of how it is affecting relationships, work, family life, school, and general wellbeing. The risk of addiction is assessed and recommendations are provided.  Drug testing provided. 14-panel screening with built-in adulteration. Feedback sessions included.


Cost = $300.00.​

Family Study 

A complete  family study will be written for the referring agency with recommendations of further services needed. The family study will include social history of each member including educational status, truancy, trauma, physical and mental health, housing, family dynamics, routines, natural supports, strengths, needs, economies, etc. Psychometric testing is utilized to determine a families level of stress, risk of abuse or neglect, child abuse potential, parenting stress, psychological characteristics relevant to mental and physical health, parenting, and child-rearing attitudes. The study takes up to 60 days depending on the scheduling and levels of cooperation.

Cost = $1,200.00 per study.


Life Enrichment Services

We work hard to ensure that our assessments are accurate and done with the highest quality. 

For more information or to contact one of our professinals 

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