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Life Enrichment Services

Families in Transition

Navigating Change with Support & Understanding 

Our Families in Transition Program provides the support and skills separated and divorced families need to create a stable and resilient future.

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Guidance Through Family Transitions Together

Understanding new family dynamics

At Life Enrichment Services, we understand that separation and divorce can be incredibly challenging for families. Our Families in Transition program is dedicated to providing the support and resources needed to navigate these changes with confidence and understanding.


We offer specialized classes designed to help both parents and children adjust to new family dynamics, fostering communication, stability, and resilience during this time of transition.

Our Families in Transition program offers comprehensive classes tailored to the unique needs of separated or divorced families. These classes are designed to provide practical strategies and emotional support for both parents and children:

Classes Designed for Transitional Families

  • For Parents: Learn effective co-parenting techniques, communication strategies, and ways to support your children emotionally. Our classes help you manage the complexities of shared parenting responsibilities while maintaining a positive environment for your children.

  • For Children: Through age-appropriate activities and discussions, children learn to express their feelings, cope with changes, and build resilience. Our classes provide a safe space for children to understand and adapt to their new family structure.

Life Enrichment Services

Strengthen Your Family's Future Now

Life Enrichment Services is committed to helping families in transition build a strong foundation for the future. Our specialized classes provide the tools and support needed to manage the emotional and practical challenges of separation and divorce. Take the first step towards a more stable and positive family dynamic today.

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